Concealed Carry Regulations

This week, the Arkansas Legislative Council Game and Fish/State Police Subcommittee held a meeting to discuss concealed carry laws in Arkansas.

This meeting was part of a series of meetings held as part of the Arkansas Firearms and Concealed Carry Laws Study. The purpose of the study is to ultimately simplify gun laws in the state and clarify where and when it is legal to carry firearms.

Subcommittee members reviewed a summary of various state statutes addressing concealed carry. There are more than 30 sections of Arkansas Code addressing concealed carry laws.

The Arkansas Attorney General’s office also presented a series of recommendations for future legislation to expand gun rights and clarify several existing laws.

The next meeting of the Arkansas Game and Fish/State Police Subcommittee will be held on Wednesday, January 24 at 1:30 p.m. in the MAC building located behind the State Capitol. The January 24 meeting will specifically address concealed carry regulations as promulgated by Arkansas State Police.

On March 11 and March 18 the subcommittee will focus on possession and open carry.

Later in the year, the subcommittee will hear from law enforcement and other armed officers as well as local governments and the business community.

We’ve posted the schedule for the additional hearings at

The public is welcome to attend the meetings and there will be time for public comment.

The subcommittee will submit a final report to the ALC Executive Subcommittee by October 1, 2024. The Executive Subcommittee will then submit a report and possibly begin drafting legislation by the end of this year.

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