Daily Summary – Feb 16

On Thursday, the House passed HB1181. This bill establishes the Counseling Compact in Arkansas. It allows licensed professional counselors in Arkansas to treat clients in person or via telehealth in other compact member states. Currently, 17 states are members.

The House also passed HB1402. This allows ethics complaints to be submitted online to the Arkansas Ethics Commission.

In addition, the House passed HB1307 and SB72.

HB1307 authorizes the State Treasurer to divest certain investments if financial providers discriminate against energy companies, firearms entities, or otherwise refuse to deal based on environmental, social justice, and other governance-related factors.

SB 72 requires the Division of Correction to begin paying reimbursements to county jails for holding state inmates from the day the inmate is sentenced.
The House will reconvene on Monday at 1:30 p.m.

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