Daily Update – Apr 9

On Tuesday, the House passed HB1876, the bill to amend the Revenue Stabilization Law. The bill outlines the $5.7 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2020. It includes a 2.2% increase in spending from the current fiscal year. The increases include additional funding for education, Medicaid, correctional officers, parole officers, and state troopers.

The House also passed SB654. This bill states an individual could be subject to a fine of $250 if he or she misrepresents an animal to be a service animal.

The House Education Committee advanced SB677. This bill requires dyslexia screenings and reading proficiency assessments in juvenile youth centers. The committee also advanced SB664 which requires the screenings in the Department of Correction.

The House City, County, and Local Affairs committee advanced SB411, An Act to Prohibit Municipal Sanctuary Policies. This bill states a municipality that enacts or adopts a sanctuary policy is ineligible for discretionary funds or grants administered by the state until the sanctuary policy is repealed or no longer in effect.

The House will convene on Wednesday at 10am. It is expected that Wednesday will be the last time the House convenes during the Regular Session until we officially adjourn Sine Die on May 6.

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