Daily Update – Mar 13

The House State Agencies Committee advanced SB445. This bill states that the date of the primary election will be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March for years in which the office of President of the United States will appear on the ballot at the general election. The primary would continue to be held in May in gubernatorial election years. This bill would also move fiscal legislative sessions from February to April in presidential election years.

The House Aging, Children and Youth, and Legislative and Military Affairs Committee advanced HB1608. This bill requires the committee to perform a study on adverse childhood experiences. The study will analyze existing resources that are related to building resilience in early childhood and propose appropriate structures to serve children who have experienced trauma.

In a vote of 92-0, the House passed HB1527. This bill requires the Legislative Council to review each occupational authorization and each occupational entity on an annual rotating basis to determine if it is the least restrictive while still protecting consumers.

The House passed HB1750 which requires the Department of Transportation to annually provide legislators with the location of the most congested and most dangerous routes in the state. It also requires the department to list expenditures on highways in each congressional district.
The House passed HB1631. This bill states the maximum speed limit for a vehicle on a controlled-access highway is 75 mph if the highway is located outside an urban area and has at least 4 lanes that are divided by a median strip.

The House also passed HB1625 which makes encouraging suicide a Class D felony.

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