Governor’s Press Conference – April 19

Governor’s press conference today, SUNDAY APRIL 19th, 2020:

🔘 1,781 total cases: 1,020 active cases, 721 recovered. Doesn’t include Cummins.

🔘 551 total tests yesterday for general population.

🔘 Almost 1,400 inmates have been tested at Cummins Unit. In last 2 days, they have done 974 tests. 634 results have been received. 348 are positive.

🔘 Population at Cummins has been segregated with 8 barracks for those who are positive and 7 barracks for those who are negative. Almost all positives are asymptomatic. 3 have been hospitalized.

🔘 The Parole Board has released 271 inmates from county jails across the state who were in violation of a sanction and not deemed a public safety risk.

🔘 The Parole Board along with Dept of Corrections are reviewing all non-violent and non-sex offender inmates who are due for release within next 6 months. 1,990 inmates fit this criteria. They’ll be reviewed from a public safety standpoint to determine if they can be released. The purpose is to have sufficient space in case of outbreak in another facility.


📍88 currently hospitalized
25 currently on ventilators
2 new deaths: both under 65. One a
nursing home resident, one a
healthcare worker from Jefferson
Regional associated with first
outbreak cluster.

📍Based on TOTAL cases:
60% White
29% African American
4% Hispanic
0.2% Pacific Islander
3% Other
5% Missing
11% diabetes (197)
7% heart disease (126)
4% chronic lung disease (77)
237 healthcare workers, 115
128 nursing home residents

📍Cummins Unit:
348 inmates tested positive
6 staff tested positive
These #s not reflected in today’s

📍Forrest City Federal Corr. Institution:
No new cases. CDC is working
closely with Federal Bureau of
Corrections on testing strategy.


📍The modular unit and South Hall
haven’t been tested because they are
outside of the Cummins Unit facility.

📍Inmate COPD list has been reviewed.
Looking for possible release for
inmates with chronic illness.

📍If an inmate who has tested positive
for COVID-19 and has also been
approved for parole or discharge,
they will not be released.

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