Live Streaming Update

We want Arkansans to know what is taking place in their Capitol. That is why for the last 8 years, the Arkansas House has been live streaming several committees and all House floor proceedings.

In the upcoming session, we will be expanding that effort.

Until now we have been streaming only House meetings held in the Capitol. However, there are a few committees that convene in the building behind the Capitol known as the MAC building.

The Bureau of Legislative Research has recently added the necessary camera and equipment to begin streaming meetings held in the MAC building.

This means in addition to the committees already online, Arkansans can now watch the House Committee on City, County, and Local Affairs, the House Public Transportation Committee, House Rules, and the Joint Budget Committee.

Committee rooms are where our lawmaking process begins. The rooms are where bills are first considered and publicly debated before a bill makes its way the House Chamber.

When you watch the Joint Budget Committee, you can see how your tax dollars are being spent and the questions members have about those expenditures.

We encourage Arkansans to take advantage of this technology and stay engaged on the issues.

The House archives all meetings. If you can’t watch the proceedings live, you can always visit our website and search the Video Library. You can search by bill number, key words in the bill title, or by a member’s name.

As a reminder, the session begins January 14.

At you will find links to watch the proceedings as well as agendas for each meeting. And if you are visiting the Capitol during session, remember that committee meetings and House floor proceedings are open the public.

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