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Flashing Red means Kids Ahead

2019-08-30T22:10:03+00:00 Aug 13th, 2019|In the News|

During any given day in the school year, there are 350,000 children riding a bus on Arkansas roadways. This week, legislators joined the Governor, Education Secretary Johnny Key, and state police in reminding drivers that Flashing Red means Kids Ahead. It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus whenever its red lights are flashing, [...]

National Water Quality Month

2019-08-30T22:08:34+00:00 Aug 9th, 2019|In the News|

In Arkansas, there are on average 71 billion gallons of water flowing in rivers, 4.8 trillion gallons in lakes and 200 trillion gallons in the ground. Our state is abundant with water resources and much of our economy depends on it. It is estimated Arkansans use 157 gallons of water every day. August is National [...]

Amber Alerts

2019-08-30T22:07:40+00:00 Aug 3rd, 2019|In the News|

In 2018, there were 161 Amber Alerts issued nationwide. 5 of those originated here in Arkansas. Those first minutes and hours after a child has been reported missing are crucial for law enforcement. That is why this General Assembly took an extraordinary and first of its kind step to help ensure law enforcement has all [...]

Education Legislation

2019-08-01T21:00:23+00:00 Jul 26th, 2019|In the News|

Most students in Arkansas public schools head back to the classroom the second week of August. From recess to reading, there are several pieces of legislation passed in the most recent session which will impact the upcoming school year. Below are some, but not all, of the acts taking effect this year. Act 641 ensures [...]

19th Amendment

2019-08-01T20:59:36+00:00 Jul 19th, 2019|In the News|

Arkansas is approaching the centennial of a historic vote in the House chamber. On July 28, 1919, then Governor Charles Brough called a special session for the purpose of ratifying the Nineteenth Amendment. The House Journal records a letter Brough sent to our chamber 100 years ago. In it he states, “Eleven states have already [...]

Announcing for Re-Election

2019-08-01T20:58:06+00:00 Jul 15th, 2019|In the News|

It has been a privilege and honor to serve the people of district 60. Since the beginning of my campaign in 2015, I have promised to fight for the people of our great state, and I plan to continue delivering on that promise. We’ve made progress but we still have much work to do. I [...]

Foster Care

2019-08-01T20:55:30+00:00 Jul 12th, 2019|In the News|

The number of Arkansas children in foster care has fallen by more than 700 since reaching an all-time high in 2016. That information was part of an annual report presented a legislative committee this week. On Tuesday, the Department of Human Services Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) presented its annual Family Preservation Report [...]

Occupational Regulations

2019-08-01T20:54:09+00:00 Jul 5th, 2019|In the News|

Arkansas had one of the most productive, if not most productive, legislative sessions in the country with regard to addressing occupational regulations. Occupational regulations are licensures, certifications, or registrations required for workers in certain occupations. A few examples of licensed occupations include real estate agents, cosmetologists, and veterinarians. The success during the legislative session is [...]

Boating Safety Laws

2019-07-02T22:32:53+00:00 Jun 29th, 2019|In the News|

Arkansas is home to more than 600,000 acres of lakes and more than 90,000 miles of rivers, streams, and creeks. As this is a popular time of the year for Arkansans to enjoy the waterways, we wanted to highlight boating safety in the state. Last year, Arkansas saw a 9% decrease in boating accidents and [...]

Arkansas State Parks

2019-07-02T22:35:30+00:00 Jun 21st, 2019|In the News|

From guided hikes to kayak outings, there are over 50,000 family-friendly programs available at our Arkansas State Parks.  If you are still looking for a summer getaway, consider the options in our own backyard. In 1996, Arkansas voters pass a constitutionally dedicated conservation sales tax benefitting Arkansas State Parks and three sister conservation agencies.  We [...]